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Beginner Python Tutorial #1 - Outputing and Inputing Text
Dragunov (0)

Welcome to the first tutorial in this series! I hope that by the end of it, you will have a basic understanding of python. Pay attention! There will be a quiz at the end, so stay tuned!

OK! So what is outputting? An output is when the computer sends or "prints" text or information to the client or server.

How do we output? Well first of all the function is not called output. It's called "print". We would output or "print" code by typing the function name + parentheses. Inside the parentheses we would put "". Inside the quotation marks, we would input our message. It's that simple!

What is inputting? An input is when the server needs the client to send information(usually text) back to the server. It's the same as printing, except the function name changes. When you run it, you will see that it's a bit different than printing.

Learning Words:
Output - When the server sends information to the client or another part of the server.
Input - When the client sends information to the server or another client.
Client - The computer/user.
Server - The program.

I hope you learned something from this tutorial. Stay tuned for more! Have a GREAT Resurrection Sunday! BYE!

NehalRam (4)

its good but make them a little longer

Dragunov (0)

Please give feedback on what could be updated! Thank you!