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Python Restaurant Menu
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I'm trying to create a menu in python and my 4/5 functions are not working. My first function on line 53 is working but a similar function on line 62 is not. The only difference is the wording I believe. Does anyone know how I can fix this? Need assistance ASAP, Thanks!

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Before your main problem there's another with an unidentified variable that's mentioned here,
[Line 46] : "NameError: name 'amountCustomer' is not defined

And for the while loops that I assumed you called functions,
An easy way to simplify your code, instead of copy and pasting the same statement this would be an easy fix for _ in range(10) :
That prints out whatever you put under it however many times specified in the range. When your done and want the user to move on to something else use break to stop the loop.

Sorry if I sounded harsh or didn't touch on your problem, have a great day and good luck with your project.