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Beat Jumper

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Beat Jumper

Beat Jumper is a map/rhythm-based platformer, such that it is challenging to the point where it is addictive, but not too challenging that everyone gives up.
(Try to get the max score!)

Game Mechanics

  • There are currently 3 maps (Sweden, Alumnia, and Kibou no Uta) to choose from, with varying difficulties.
  • Controlling the player is pretty simple, with left/right arrow keys for moving, well, left and right, up arrow for jump, and c for "heavy mode" where your character falls down much faster.
  • Your objective is to line your jumps to the music, so that when you land on the notes (the platforms), the approach box is the same size as the note itself, and based on how close you were to the actual time, you get 500,300,100,50, or -50 points.
  • If you miss a note, then there is a 500 point deduction from your total points.
  • If you go offscreen sideways, or fall down, you die.


  • The game has only been tested on Chrome, on Linux and Windows.
  • Fullscreen recommended


  • Code: PresidentPlant
  • Maps: PresidentPlant
  • Menu: CahUserApplicant
  • Music:
    • Sweden: C418
    • Kibou No Uta: Ultra Tower, from the show, Shokugeki no Soma, remixed by PresidentPlant
    • Alumni: Nightmare, from the show Death Note, remixed by PresidentPlant
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Awesome game you got there

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Thanks that made my day