The Repl Report Volume IV
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Hey Guys! I am starting something new called the Repl Report! This is basically a newspaper, and you can keep up to date with what's happening in Repl. And since I can't do everything alone, I am asking you guys to give me some stories or advertisements about things that are happening in Repl. And I will also advertise your projects! And make sure to upvote this so more people see.

In this edition of the Repl Report, we have some new AMAZING projects being featured. And we also have included some new pages. These include "Your To Do List" to use a list. And the "Repl Report Timeline" to check out the Repl Report. And in the "Recent News" page, there is now a Google Form for the more lengthy story submissions that you guys have for the Repl Report.

Oh, and it works best in the new tab feature. :)

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Futuristics (52)

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