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micfil3 (125)

Test your skills against this battleship AI! Suggestions welcomed

Sanket143 (1)

This was awesome... I loved playing on console. GREAT WORK

GabrielReyes (1)

What a great program. I wish I could play with a friend on the same browser though.

TommyIsAwesome (33)

cool! it should say when the computer's ship sunk though

migbara (7)

Great work. I love it!!

King_Narcissus (0)

Nice work! It is super cool and so fun!

itbarsoum (62)

Takes a lot of setup, but a really cool game


That was a great game, +1

JackCarlson (0)

the game randomly crashes

DoggyDoggy (0)

Cool. I remember playing this as a kid. You did a good job recreating it!