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Battleground Britan
GeorgeH2007 (16)

This is our first project please be nice

LegendaryWolf (620)

Try Java! Java's awesome! Best for making GUI's

GeorgeH2007 (16)

Thank you for your comment my friend Haydenn will try it now @LegendaryAlpha

IntellectualGuy (648)

I know you're a beginner, but you can't post things like these, all it contains is a bunch print and input statements, maybe try posting later when you know more. Like @Whippingdot said try to make at least a text adventure game where there are different paths.


it is so good but maybe adding animations and more interactiveity

GeorgeH2007 (16)

Thank you for your comment

DanielLTW (1)

@ULTRASAVVA Thank you! We will see if we can find out how to do that:)

haydennmoon (0)

@ULTRASAVVA i have done it i just need to add it

Whippingdot (545)

Hey, sorry, I have to complain to make you better at coding. In the code you ask us for choosing an option but no matter what the option is the result is the same. If we choose to leave behind our friend the result is still the same, bring him. Please fix this and verify the input we put in before continuing. Have different ends to each path.

P.S. Also not to hate on you but why does this have soo many upvotes. @forceofyoda bruh why do you upvote everything??

SilvermoonCat (427)

It says I'm a "his" but I'm a her and this is pretty good for a starter project!


top 5 games I ever played

Brendan23 (137)

@GeorgeH2007 maybe you can use the os module to clear the screen.
imort os os.system('clear')

PaigePrentice (0)

nice job for your first one!

noway15 (50)

Me and the bois on a heli lol

noway15 (50)

btw @GeorgeH2007 you could add a function that clears all text before it, for example between chapters. This would help the storyline as you don't have to scroll down to read the bottom text.

FloCal35 (471)

Ahahaahaha, I get that Star Wars reference

Nice project btw

I like how you can get an AR as a newborn
GeorgeH2007 (16)

Thank you @FloCal35 your comment was very nice and I am pleased you enjoyed our game :)

GeorgeH2007 (16)

@LegendaryAlpha, @qerewrad, @ULTRASAVVA to thank you all for your support we will be thanking you in the credits of the sequel
please reply if you would rather not be in the credits
Thank you so much

GeorgeH2007 (16)

Thank you everyone it has made me and my friends very happy to read your great comments
please watch out for the sequel coming soon :)

GeorgeH2007 (16)

Thank you so much you have no idea how happy me my friends are to receive your comment watch out for the sequel @qerewrad


@GeorgeH2007 do you know you can use \n for next line

print('welcome to my game\nthis game by GeorgeH2007')
GeorgeH2007 (16)

@qerewrad thank you for the advice we didn't know this before


you can print colored text
just copy this code:

from termcolor import colored


GeorgeH2007 (16)

@qerewrad Thank you so much for the advice we really appreciate the help:)

Whippingdot (545)

I can make this in one line @qerewrad

haydennmoon (0)

we can try but don't we know how