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Battle( and also dating I guess?) simulator
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This is made on my fifth day of coding in c++, all you have to do is enter some stats and names on the console and it will run a "battle"(I really don't have any other words to describe what the heck it is).

Also, most of the code came from a "battle simulator tutorial" that my coding counselor provided, I don't want to take anyone else's credit. All I did was add some dialog and slightly change the battle mechanics.

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Battle and dating simulator can be interesting for many people. I also often spent time with similar activities and it's great that now we can find anything in the public domain. Recently, I have developed new interests and preferences, thanks to this source The most important thing is that my girlfriend supports my experiments.

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I don't take any credit for this. Seriously, I don't want to be known as the guy that made this monstrosity.

each character have exactly 20 different attacks, but some of those attacks are pretty repetitive. My favorite attack happens when player2 rolls a nat 20.

I hid a small Easter egg in the game, it is not affected by rng.

It is possible to have negative stats, the game doesn't bug out as long as you don't enter a very big integer or enter something that is not a integer in the stats.

Yes, kazoo-player2 was playing megalovania in ending number one. And if you really want to believe it, they could be playing megalovania in ending number two as well -_-