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Battle Cats Clicker!
StevenWang2 (11)

Hello! This Battle Cats Clicker is a Solo project made by me.
It is based on the game, The Battle Cats, by Ponos Corporation.
It is similar to most clicker games, so to play, just click the tower on the left side of the screen when it loads to earn XP, the form of currency in this game.
Note: In repl, the game might take a while to load after you run it, so just be patient and wait for everything to show up.
On the right side, you will be able to purchase the cats, which will earn XP for you.
Above the tower, you will be able to find a menu button where you can find different actions.
Upgrade Menu: Here you can upgrade your cats, and the cost of the upgrade will increase each time. The higher the level of the cat, the more XP per second they make.

Open Cat Capsule: Here you can earn cats that you can either exchange for XP, or use for an extra level. These are also the only way to upgrade your cat above the level cap. You can spin the capsule using cat tickets, which you gain once every 3 minutes.

Gamatoto: The Gamatoto explorer is your personal explorer that you can send out on expeditions to collect XP for you. There are different lengths that you can choose, and the longer the expedition, the better the rewards.

Load Data: In the top left corner, you will find your inquiry code which you can use to recover or load your data after you have stopped the program. The game saves automatically (every second) Enter your inquiry code into the box that shows up, and press enter to recover your data.

Please let me know if there are any bugs in the game, and if you enjoy please upvote!

Link the to repl:

andliu766 (28)

I got 502 titan cats!!!!!!!!!!!

NeilYe (5)


pretty op

that was my Inquiry code, use it!

I baisicly gave you a starter pack

ashrit_lv (20)

Where is cats? All i can see is XP

Steven_The_GuyT (303)

Lol, I got 50 cats of each type and it glitched me out of the game.