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Basic Electricity Calculator Based On TNB

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This program only count basic electricity
bill for domestic user.
Please also take note that this program
didn't count for discount and myGreen
This program also didn't insert the Service
Tax. This program is using Malaysia
currnecy and tariff.

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Thanks for sharing! This is an interesting and useful thing that can help me predict and calculate my total bills. I've been paying a lot lately, and I'm worried that I'm using too much electricity. I pay at least $550 a month, and I wouldn't say the square footage of my house is huge. I don't use a lot of water, just a shower every day and a little for cleaning once a week and for the dishwasher and washing machine. However, I often forget to turn off the TV, hallway lights, street lights, etc. I'm thinking of buying a solar panel at to save on electricity. Any experience using it, guys?