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Barter - Clicker Without Currency ⛔️💴 => ✅⚖️
minion3665 (9)

WARNING: I'm on mobile. Sorry if the formatting is bad, it looks different here

The story behind barter

Hi, I'm Minion3665. This is my first game Jam. When I heard that was hosting a game Jam I was very excited and at once rushed to the website to start thinking of a game I could make. Cash.... hmmm.... what games could be made with the cash theme?

Then I noticed that points would not be deducted for not following the theme.
So, as always I decided not to follow the theme.
But I wanted more than that, so I thought of ideas that would have fitted within the theme and then would work without a currency.
Enter Barter.

What is barter

Barter is a Clicker/idle game, but without currency. Instead players trade items between each other to get special items, like bins, that will generate items when they are offline. Incrementally the player can become more wealthy and get more items. Eventually they will be able to buy practically anything.

Who made barter

I started off alone, creating both pixel art and code at the same time, then I happened to mention the project to my friend GollumGollumGollumn. He thought that it sounded cool and wondered if he could help. He wanted to create art assets for barter. Throughout the remaining weeks we both worked on art assets while I programmed the game.

The future of barter

After the competition we plan to make some changes to the way barter works. Here are our planned changes:
-adding music
-speeding up our code
-adding more items
-adding crafting, so that some items that have no function today are not useless

What to do if you spot a bug

Please tell us in the comments. I try hard to read all of your comments and will attempt to fix the bug. Just don't tell us about the 418 error... that isn't a problem with barter it's a problem with teapots in general.

What to do if you don't like our client

Feel free to write your own. The api urls you need should be these

All api urls accept id and token parameters. These should be set to your barter id and token which you can get on return from the gh-login api url

In addition:
/api/gh-login accepts a code parameter that is for GitHub codes

/api/trade accepts 2 json arrays, giving and getting. Giving is what you will give during the trade and getting is the opposite. Here is an example of a json array for this function.
[{"item":"hideous pink teapot", "damage":"new", "count":504}]
By the way hideous pink teapots are worth nothing, no matter what damage

Look at the code or create a test account to see what those return; I'm not telling you, but I will tell you that they return a Json dictionary, and that the property status is success if it was successful and not if it isn't

Where do I play?

The code
Please play in a separate window from

Thank you for reading, enjoy the game.

timmy_i_chen (1180)

@minion3665 hitting some issues, won't load with error: Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token < build 1.6

:( ping me if/when you fix it, this looks really interesting

minion3665 (9)

@timmy_i_chen I have fixed it and it now works for me, tell me if you get any more issues :).

minion3665 (9)

@timmy_i_chen hi? You haven't responded since I told you the error was fixed and it doesn't look like you played the game from what I can see...

(That's me

Sorry if you did get the previous ping but I wanted to make sure that you did

timmy_i_chen (1180)

@minion3665 Works for me now! Thanks :)

minion3665 (9)

@pythonorguser Yea, sorry about that, the domain for the project no longer exists (I believe it expired after about a year)

minion3665 (9)

Known bugs that I can't fix till after the judging:
please be a nice person and don't abuse these
If you trade far too many items, which can be easily done as unusable items are worthless, the game will crash and need to be restarted