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Banking Simulator
AzureScripts (182)

Welcome to Banking Simulator!

This is a virtual bank / tycoon that you can manage, improve, or destroy!
The main goal of this game is to make your bank reach $100,000.
However, there are some things that may stop your progress:
Bank Robberies
Failed Investment
Non Returned Loans

! Be the best banker you can !

DJWang (1354)

What do employees do?

LynnOng (26)

Very nice game. It's very polished and detailed.


can u add a save thing or [email protected]

AzureScripts (182)

@aboutthelol Possibly, but it's been a while since i've worked on this project. So it's sorta dead.


well its still kinda fun like it could be a version 2.0

Luke25 (119)

So what do customers actually do in the game? Or are they just for show.

AzureScripts (182)

@Luke25 Sorry for the VERY late response.
Customers increase the amount you get in the "Donation Bin".

ProgramMachine (1)

It is a nice game, however, is there any way to stop a robbery?

AzureScripts (182)

@coolboi Upgrade security to lower the chances of being robbed! :)