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Banking Simulator
AzureScripts (179)

I am working on this for game jam., and i would like some ideas for what i can do to improve!

Update 1.7:
Added more color (e.g red text when you LOSE money)
Added donation bin

Steven_The_GuyT (304)

I don't really think that upgrading security helps you. Maybe you should have some robbers rob the bank once in a while? This would be more realistic and I would definitely upgrade security more.

AzureScripts (179)

@Steven_The_GuyT it is difficult to make it happen randomly

Steven_The_GuyT (304)

@AzureScripts You could use random to pick a number between 1-10, and if it chooses a certain number, than on that day, there would be a robbery

AzureScripts (179)

@Steven_The_GuyT I have now added a robbery feature! Let me know if you like it!

Steven_The_GuyT (304)

@AzureScripts I like the new robbery feature! Does the robbery feature only pop up when you try to advertise? Also, you can win by upgrading equipment to level 5, and do paperwork. You can earn like $312,580 at a time, like I did! I think that's a lot of money. Maybe try to make it smaller? Nice project, and hope you win!!!

AzureScripts (179)

@Steven_The_GuyT Oh thanks for telling me about the issue! I will see if i can resolve it and possibly make the money less.

And yes, you only get robbed when you advertise.
(it's the only function i could find that doesn't get called 10+ times in the script)


Steven_The_GuyT (304)

@AzureScripts I like helping people who have a talent! You're welcome. Hope you win

Dude1 (4)

@AzureScripts You can make it so the higher the security is, the smaller chance of a robbery, less money lost, and a chance to stop the robbery

themaka (187)

Nice progress. Keep working on it!

coderash (286)

You could try adding some animations, like of robberies and stuff using ascii code!

AzureScripts (179)


I do like the idea, but it sounds complicated

Galamphin (115)

@AzureScripts it's not that hard, all you have to do is use this site:
You can do images to ascii, or text to ascii!

QuinnRunnenburg (28)

If you type something that does nothing, you could make it so it just goes on instead of crash

ABulman (9)

@AzureScripts Use a try statement to catch errors

AzureScripts (179)

Uh, i don't see why i would need to

Neil_Chaudhury (9)

Yeah, ok lol there was this weird glitch where I put my location as Seattle, and it thought I said San Francisco.... I think you should specify that they need to type in a number, although that was probably just a mistake that no one else will make....

randomlylelo (35)

Nice game; however, there's a slight mistype, if you go to work, and accept advertisements, and you accept advertisements it will show on line 219, there are $$ Just remove one $. Also I had no clue on how to win or lose when I was playing, so I would add some instructions for the future, how everything works, like if I don't understand code I wouldn't understand anything... But it has great potential. Good Luck!

CaptainPlanet (1)

@randomlylelo i don't believe that one can just simply win at being a benker

ItsEmpCs (39)

For the robbery random thing. Maybe you can generate random num. between 10 and set like 1 and 10 to robbery or else no robbery.

QuinnRunnenburg (28)

@ItsEmpCs security has to make a difference tho

Dude1 (4)

What does equipment, staff, and security do. Also what do customers do.

Dude1 (4)

Make a vault feature, where you can buy a wooden vault, iron vault, iron vault, and diamond vault, as well saving data, also please make it so the game won't end when you do something besides going bankrupt.

Dude1 (4)

@Dude1 Also make it say how much you gained for the work day

thepostyboi (0)

I'm not very good at the game but I loved it

CarterMonkey (0)

I got 3 robberies in the first minute....

AzureScripts (179)

@CarterMonkey should've updated security ;)

CarterMonkey (0)

@AzureScripts Thanks, I saw the change immediately

Nosrep (12)

You can just get tons of advertisements to earn money

AzureScripts (179)

@Nosrep I am thinking of doing something that happens when you accept too many advertisements

Nosrep (12)

@AzureScripts Maybe some customers would leave?

quockhanh (8)

nerf paperwork , the money keeps multiplying , I once got a hundred thousand and even more money just from … paperwork

AzureScripts (179)

Uhh.... i don't see how it keeps multiplying
Especially since the code doesn't even multiply :/

saghitcssf (3)

this is such a cool game! I really think you deserve 1st place

MiniBerryCraft (0)

Dude this is the best simulator ever

HealableHades1 (1)

Very cool project! I would love to see you add a feature were you can borrow some money from a central bank if you are on the verge of bankruptcy.

AzureScripts (179)

But that'd make it more difficult to lose money then

jmracke (0)

Pretty cool little game! I found that just doing paperwork at work leads to getting exponentially higher each time. Also when I give out loans it never seems to add what I get paid back to my total. I had $702 loaned out $601 it said I got paid $677 from it and my balance remained at $101

Bookie0 (5967)

Good work, but I think you should add and else statement that says “error please try again” when you write something different then what you have to write.
For example: when you ask if you want to give a loan to someone, we can either type “y. or “n”. By accident, I typed “Y” instead of “y” and the program just stopped.
Anyway, very good code!

katyadee (1273)

Should we move this to Challenge? 😲

AzureScripts (179)

@KatyaDelaney No! I want to work on it a bit more! :)

PythonCoder100 (7)

at the end, it says "gave over" instead of "game over"


For the locations and that stuff, try making a list of the most common fetures, and check if user input is in the list
if X in ['hellow word','hello world']:

HasibAli (0)

Paperwork is a bit OP if you buy each upgrade each time you do Paperwork it doubles the amount of money you got from it last time, you can get 100,000 really quickly with that.

AnmolB (0)

this is great, keep it up

mdjb4 (17)

This is so fun and amazing.

CarstenEggers (0)

For example when entering "3a" by the question for start location you will have no current location

BlaOca (0)

Robbers robbed me of some money, leaving me with $144.9500000000005, and I think that's a bug.

AzureScripts (179)

@BlaOca yeah, i am having trouble with the robbery feature, and i am trying to make it so that it doesn't go into tbe .5's

Luisfetoga (119)

@AzureScripts well, it isn't your problem since python does weird stuff when working with decimals...


@AzureScripts Use the round function for money, and then make sure to specify up to how much

ChristopherOkor (11)

advertisment are way op u need to nerf it or buf others

AzureScripts (179)

@ChristopherOkor When businesses advertise through you?

lamboavent6 (8)

I would like to see robbers rob the bank randomly