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Bank Account Simulaotr

This is a bank account simulator. In the beginning you can make your own account and it will save it. Don't worry about anyone taking your password and messing with it on the text file where everything is stored. This is because the passwords are hashed from hexdigest so no one will be able to rework it back to the original password. Don't worry about losing your progress, because even if you exit the project and log out of your account, your account will still be saved.


Wow! Cool idea. Especially for teenagers who need to learn how to manage money. But I preferred to create real bank accounts for my sons so that they could feel responsible for their expenses. I have been keeping my savings in the Girokonto Bank for a long time and now I have created accounts for small amounts to teach my sons how to manage their budget. When they are of age, they will either have quite large amounts in their accounts or they have mismanaged the money. Of course, I will tell them how it will be correct to dispose of their accounts, but all their interaction with will be personal.


this is awesome!