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Band Name Generator
TamRATech (1)

A quick Band Name Generator to play with.

epicseg (3)

Nice you also are doing the python course, 100 days of code. This is the third day? Or second. It was by Felicia or something, lol. Keep up the work!

TamRATech (1)

@epicseg Thank you. It was a Day 1 Final Project. I like how she teaches. Thank you again for the encouragment.

LingWu1 (88)

Its not the best, by the fact that if someone doesn't have a pet, they don't have a name for it. Also, its not the best generator. I don't have a pet, so I'll say my imaginary pet's name is Logan. I live in College station, so College Station Logan doesn't really fit.
Anyways, I see you put quite some effort in it. Good job anyway.

TamRATech (1)

@LingWu1 Thank you, it's a day 1 assignment on 100 days of Python.