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BananaOS - An os for you and your Bananas.
isaiah08 (87)

BananaOS is a new computer display that will work on any platform.


  • BananaText, a basic text editor
  • Games
  • Shell, which has one command
  • NOT TRACKING ANYTHING. And I mean anything.


The project on Github

Have fun! Suggestions for V2 NEEDED!

maxina (65)

This is so cool!

isaiah08 (87)

Do you have any suggestions? @maxina

isaiah08 (87)

good idea! that will be in V2! @maxina

isaiah08 (87)

Thanks! Any suggestions? @Carnage498

VulcanWM (2912)

Wait where’s the link for me to try this out?

isaiah08 (87)

Oops, i forgot to add the repl! one sec... @VulcanWM

isaiah08 (87)

Thanks! I'm hoping it'll get to trending! @VulcanWM

VulcanWM (2912)

I’m hoping it will too! @isaiah08