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Balance Account
HakanPuente (2)

You can add "balance", and add to "savings" some percent of the balance.

HakanPuente (2)

The balance or percentage must be integer, I added "try except blocks" but if the client inserts an float or string, how can i start over again to ask.By the way, is there any efficent way than "try except" ?

SkillsPlays (4)

You should probably implement a while loop just so the user is able to keep on using the program multiple times. It would also be cool to add the ability to make an account and a login system using the "Account" class you made, which seems like something you are planning to implement. This project has some potential for personal use, keep it up!

HackermonDev (2073)

Cool! I found an error. If you try to enter a letter it shows invalid int error.

HakanPuente (2)

@PDanielY thank you.
it is in progress, i just needed to keep for retention, so i shared it.