Stargaze (ALMOST 3000 LINES!!!) (100 cycles project)

The month long project is here!

Almost three thousand lines of code, Stargaze is finally out! I know it's a little late for a 100 cycles project, but eh. I worked so hard, it's nicely made, compatible with different devices, and download as an app (it runs offline, and you can even control what you cache to some extent)! I ran this through google lighthouse and it got a good rating (50 for performance but that's because it takes up a bit of CPU power, 90ish for performance and best practices, and PWA certified)!
Note that this doesn't use canvas or any frameworks. It's solo made and uses the html page itself to create span elements for stars. You can also draw constellations now! Big thanks to my teacher for recommending the constellation drawing. I'm planning on adding some more features, so stay tuned. Read the whole description in the README file. Also, the main files are minified. If you want to try to fork it, there are unminified files that exist but are not used when serving the content.

Possible upcoming updates for this

Please note that these may or may not happen (sadly).

  • Planets with randomized planet names and descriptions
  • Filters (like sepia)
  • (Maybe) Point system, unlock different things

I know this may not get a lot of views, but please, if you like it, comment! If you don't, what can change?

PS: There's also a few space objects like the ISS, comets, and meteor showers. They pop up randomly so see if you can find some!

Hope ya like this! Bacon boi out!


Thanks to all the people who upvoted. I am truly grateful. While this isn't on trending, it still is pretty popular! Glad to know people appreciate hard work :)

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@Baconman321 Idk i'm doing this in school im just cus im dum also i like pf but for some reason pf is laggy sorry tho
do u know oscar or godstatus or someguyPF?
also do u hak in pf cus you can code
dont u have school its school hours