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BTC King

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BTC King | The Game

The objective of the game is simple, earn 1 BTC as soon as possible, or try for a higher amount if you want!

This is a casual, play at your own pace game, and losing the game is actually pretty tough. However, beware of the friendly in-game bot, PIA, as upsetting PIA is not recommended.

The game starts out slow with minimal amount of "things", but "things" unlock as you progress. In fact you just have a console (text-only mode) in the beginning, but can purchase UI later on. Also, it features a few hidden events and references which you may not be able to get in every play through.

Caution: This is more like a beta/WIP work. I haven't had much time to play test it, and not being familiar with JS didn't help. Also, I'd probably be adding more items to enhance the experience, sometimes without proper testing.

If you are playing this game, I recommend starting it when you have a few free hours. And, try to read things a bit carefully; there's a lot to read here.
Warning: There is no save feature
Please open the game in full screen in a new tab for the best experience

Game Features

  • 50+ in-game items to purchase
  • Multiple endings (about 6 iirc) including 2 fake endings
  • Several situation or time driven events
  • A decent short story
  • Simple and minimalist design
  • Lots of love
  • A (artificial) Hard mode after completing the main game (only on True Good ending)
  • Some stupid innocent jokes

The Dev Story

When I heard about this game jam on a Discord server through

, there were only about 2 days before it started. I had no ideas at the moment, nor did I have experience making games in anything but Unity, rather I don't have much experience making any games (this would be my 2nd official game). However, I really felt like I should give it a shot (And I am glad I did).
So, I started laying down the ground work without even knowing what I was about to make.
I decided to go with a “website-as-a-game”, since I knew a little bit about developing one. However, my JS skills are were way below average. I had to go through the tutorial quite thoroughly.
While I was learning and developing a simple text-based input engine, I was also working on the idea. The idea kept changing as the game grew, with the current idea being having no resemblance to what I started with. However, I still feel quite satisfied with it has turned into.

Being new to repl, I also had to understand how it work, but surprisingly it came so easy, and is way more powerful than I had expected. I love that they support different key-bindings, and the default one was what I am used to. Installing "packages" was a breeze too, especially for someone who doesn’t specialize in web development, I found this package manager really handy.

Well, now I started implementing new ideas as and when I had them, often wrecking my brains, sometimes literally, while often spending hours at and Stackoverflow due to how unfamiliar I am with JS’s internal working.
I might have not followed the best practices for the language, but I believe I did a decent job. Previous dev experiences really helped out a lot. I hope I have made up for bad programming with an enjoyable game.

An amazing thing I learned while making this game was that when I had very limited options and time, I ended up coming up with ideas that I normally could have never even dreamt of. When you are out of your comfort zone (in my case, Unity), you end up thinking differently, gaining a new perspective. That's when you truly shine.

PS. Developed solo :)



  • Added the "True" Game End - True BTC King
  • BTC King Game Mode - Unlocks after reaching the "True" End - An unlimited mode with added difficulty
  • The complementary minor bug fixes


  • Major Clock Adjustments (major change)
  • New improved balancing mechanism
  • Some optimization
  • Some refactoring
  • Slight "Graphics" tweaks


  • History Limiter (who like history?) - limits the amount of history log
  • Minor performance improvements
  • Some Balancing


  • Every booming business needs a bank, so added one
  • Fixed some annoying bugs
  • Added some annoying behavior (in order to save from an error ^_^ )
  • Tweaked earnings


  • Now you can have unlimited supply of oil, if you desire to
  • Balanced some game objects
  • Added more hidden benefits


  • Now, you have the license to Gamble
  • Spell Check


  • New "Inventory Window"
  • Improved & updated other "Windows"
  • Reduced "Menu" clutter
  • Balanced some Object
  • Fixed a few things (eg. the Clock, print)


  • New "Faucet" window
  • Better balanced several game components
  • Fixed several nasty game breaking bugs
  • Conducted 1st test play
  • Extended tutorial/game hints
  • Tweaked game logic in various area


  • Fixed some bugs
  • Improved the "window" module
  • Added UI based menu
  • Improved the "Trading window" experience
  • Tweaked some game parameter
  • Added more game events
  • Minor optimizations
  • Better streamlined the flow of some content

On to the Future

There a lot of things I would love changing (if I haven't already since writing this). Some important things would be

  • Better optimizing the game (forgive my lack of JS knowledge)
  • Add several more items, since who wouldn't want more?
  • Better document the code in comments
  • Make the game play more engaging and rewarding
  • Add more items to this list
  • A future bright enough to make everyone blind

(The dev of the game has been shifted to this repl: btc-game-dev)
Best played in full screen in a new tab:

The game has been published on Please visit here for the latest version.

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I cant get the ui

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Hey, I am not sure what you mean. Do you mean the "UI" upgrade, or the UI not being visible?

Regardless, I recommend that you instead play the version here:
Though the project has been abandoned, this is the latest version. It should work. And yes, the last time I checked it only worked on Chrome. It was never developed for other browsers.

If you still have any issues, please comment on the page, and I'll try fixing any issues in my spare time.

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On the page that you sent me, and the repl page it says "ERROR: UI Not Found. Entering Console Mode." Even on chrome.

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Oh, that! That's how the game starts. You have to "buy" the UI inside the game to enable it.

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Ok Thank you!

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