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#BJGJ submission: the escape from... somewhere

hello! this is the second game i have made since using repl

this game is inspired and based on several other repls including

@DannyIsCoding 's G.O.O.S.E(the hacking part),
@mkhoi 's survive the forest(i made this right after i saw your repl by the way)
this game is one of the most unpolished programs i have made(as in there may be loopholes in the program) as i slapped this together in one sitting

a small guide:
MEDKITS will automatically heal you if anyone is injured.
prototype will disable sentinels and give you a guaranteed escape
energycells are needed to operate the prototype
multitool hacks the node for you
hacking process:
characters mean the number of characters to input
parameters mean what to input
after input, the program will yield a string.
1 means that the character inputed is in the correct position
0 means that the character is in the passcode, but is in the wrong position
(-) means that what you have entered is completely wrong

sorry for all the wrong spellings in this post
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comment if you found any glitches or have any suggestions


Nice game, but is it normal if the code shows up when I need to find a code? hmm


thanks for the report!