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#BJGJ Stick Together Game Jam!
DynamicSquid (5024)

Game Jam! This is my submission for the BramJam game jam hosted by @bramley

How to Play:

  1. There's a bunch of randomly coloured circles scattered around. You are the sky blue circle in the top left corner, and the enemy is the red circle in the bottom right corner.

  2. You and the enemy are the only ones that can move (use WASD). Everyone else is stationary.

  3. You have to move around, and once you touch a circle, press SPACE to "conquer" it. This will slowly change the circle's colour to match yours! Once the circle matches your colour, it'll have a blue outline, and you can move on to conquering the next circle!

  4. But the enemy is also doing the same! It's also going around making circles red!

  5. And the enemy can shoot projectiles! If a projectile touches a circle, it'll turn the circle slightly more red. But if it touches you, you die

  6. But you can shoot too (with the mouse)! If your projectile touches a circle, it'll also turn the circle slightly sky blue. If it touches the enemy, it will decrease the damage on the enemy's projectile, and reduce it's speed. Hit it enough times and it'll stop moving, and the projectiles will do nothing (but they can still kill you!). Oh, and you can only shoot the enemy if it's moving.

  7. But what's the point if the enemy can't do anything? Time. You're getting timed on this. My personal record is 63 seconds. If you can get below that... then good job!

  8. How'd you win? Have all the circles match your colour.

  9. Hint: Focus on slowing down the enemy first (by shooting at it), then move on the conquering the blobs

  10. Full screen recommended

And I think that's it :)

Now you may be wondering, how does this fit the theme? Well in order to win, you have to "stay" with your blobs.

Oh, and one more thing:

Your submission will be judged upon 5 main criteria, worth a maximum of 5 points each.
5. Code Cleanliness

Pff... Easy marks. This is because my code always follows the 3 U's rule. It's:

  • unstable,
  • unusable, and
  • ugly
SixBeeps (5335)

Oooh, nice and tough, just how I like it :)

Cookiezz (62)


Also I suck at this game...

Aivoybia (25)

dont see a repl........... :(

DJWang (1358)

How is this humanly possible... Has anyone here won the game?

DynamicSquid (5024)

@DJWang I've beat it before :) Well I guess like once you understand the game a little better, you can win very easily actually

JBloves27 (1902)

For some reASON, i CAN'T MOVE

DynamicSquid (5024)

@JBYT27 oh really? that's weird. Try clicking on the screens first before using WASD

studentAlfredAl (448)

This is pretty good! Not to be that guy, but sometimes there are maps when the bullets can't reach all the circles. Can you change the code so the bullets ricochet? Other than that, this was really fun! Keep it up :)

DynamicSquid (5024)

@studentAlfredAl oh thanks! and yeah, I'll try, but it's hard with random generation, thanks for your suggestion though!

studentAlfredAl (448)

No problem, your code will be great either way! :) @DynamicSquid