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#BJGJ HappyChat™
sugarfi (626)

Welcome to HappyChat™, the Happiest™ chat platform on the internet! We moderate all messages and make sure everything is very Happy™! How do we do this, you ask? Simple: everything you post is analyzed by our powerful HappyAI™! If you are not happy enough, you HappyRemoved™ for exactly one HappyMinute™! Have fun on HappyChat™, and be Happy™!

awesome10 (234)

ITS NOT HAPPYREMOVING(tm) me!!! my name is iAmNotHappy, and im spamming chat and everything

awesome10 (234)

Ok good, now its saying 'no spam please'

awesome10 (234)

what is this black squares covering my text?

ironblockhd (425)

@awesome10 you need to run it in the developer console lol

awesome10 (234)

@ironblockhd idk how to stop it, and i think its permanantly being flooded

ironblockhd (425)

@awesome10 just reload the page, it already stopped

awesome10 (234)

@ironblockhd ik, and can you see the spam?
like, can anyone else see it?

awesome10 (234)

happychat is now down

awesome10 (234)

@ironblockhd OMG whats the code (for that)

ironblockhd (425)

@awesome10 a little trick that works on 99% of all node chats. Wont release the code, sorry lololol

awesome10 (234)

how long will this be down XD @ironblockhd

ironblockhd (425)

@awesome10 depends, if he restarts it it can be online at any time and else it will be down for a few hours (when it goes to sleep automatically)

sugarfi (626)

@ironblockhd i set up uptimerobot to ping it, so it should have decent uptime.

awesome10 (234)

its fixed now :( I mean, hooray! @sugarfi

ironblockhd (425)

@sugarfi want help fixing the crash?

awesome10 (234)

happychat is dead AGAIN

awesome10 (234)

my one comment now has 23 replies LETS GO! @ironblockhd

awesome10 (234)

happychat is back kinda

awesome10 (234)

i may or may not have done something...

ironblockhd (425)

@awesome10 man he fixed the crash :-(

awesome10 (234)

i opened it in a new tab i will NOT stop the spamming XD

ironblockhd (425)

@awesome10 custom message: spamMessage=prompt();r=()=>{return (" ").repeat(Math.round(Math.random()*30))};setInterval(()=>socket.emit("msg",r(),spamMessage,r()),100);

awesome10 (234)

hey! someone deleted the comment ironblock wrote! :(

ChezCoder (1614)

add repl auth so that you can ban, kick, and warn people

HZLPY (39)

@ChezCoder Yeah, when people are removed it only blacklists their socket ID. They can just refresh to get back in.

sugarfi (626)

@HZLPY no, it blacklists an id stored in their browser.

HZLPY (39)

@sugarfi Ohh, that makes a bunch of sense

BrutalBucket (9)

One problem: It's not happy

syflexer (460)

welp after like 10 min of spamming i was finally removed

syflexer (460)

wait does this count as a game

Cookiezz (65)

lol Every word with "Happy" in this is trademarked.

studentAlfredAl (444)

lol facts
You just used the word "yppah" spelled backwards without acknowledging sugarfi, so he can sue you xD @Cookiezz

CodeLongAndPros (1590)
for line in [line for line in post if "happy" in line]:
  yield line.replace('happy', 'happy(™)"0
techgeek680 (73)

hi im so happy(tm) and happychat(tm) is not blocking me because im happy(tm)!

Wilke000 (625)

@techgeek680 its happychat™ and happy™

BuzzawJHKE (20)

HappyChat: Sorry, you have been HappyRemoved! Try again later.

DJWang (1343)

------------Welcome to happy chat!------------
=======Please enter your happy name!=======

       >>>      Depressed Hedgehog

You can't trademark everything with the words happy in it. You made me kinda unhappy now.

SixBeeps (5056)

If you are not happy enough, you HappyRemoved™ for exactly one HappyMinute™!

This is too great.

DynamicSquid (4630)

Oh, just noticed this, but you might wanna put #BJGJ at the start of your title. I'm not so sure on this, but I don't think the search will pick up on your project

KellerWorthen (41)

you dont get HappyRemoved(TM) if your name is sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad

JacksonPhilips (66)

Very happy with these happy coders happily typing at their happy keyboard. Happily upvotes

syflexer (460)

you should add a time stamp so you can see when the last person said anything

CoolJames1610 (714)

wow u get muted by IP wow congrats lol @CoolJames1610

VulcanWM (2332)

Amazing man. Can I put this on my website?

TheForArkLD (772)

Idea : Use ; to use marquee
example :


and this is cool!

zplusfour (890)

perfect project!
help me make something cool with javascript?

BobTheTomatoPie (3357)

jeez man the new bots arent cool it just spams I'm happy at a constant rate

firefish (1004)

@BobTheTomatoPie This isn't a bot... this is a chat room

BobTheTomatoPie (3357)

No he added a bot called pleasent bot and its very annoying @johnstev111

Lord_Poseidon (168)

This post made me smile

BobTheTomatoPie (3357)

Its awesome, great job! One of the best Repls yet

Bookie0 (5970)

Doesn’t seem to work : (

sugarfi (626)

@Bookie0 try reloading, i was doing a bit of server restarting

Bookie0 (5970)

Cool, except when you’re on the happy chat, you should make it able to go back to the home or contact screen, for some reason it doesn’t work. Otherwise it’s great! @Bookie0

NoelB33 (344)

Uhh something happened it’s not working now, it just loads forever