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B.I.T. Coinz
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Solo Project, I made most of the art. I programmed the entire thing(I used kontra.js as my game framework) and a finite state machine library to organize the game. I dragged my feet the first 4 weeks dabbling with the art, now rushing to get something playable by the deadline!

Storywise, you play as a numismatist(coin summoner) with the power to summon powerful tsukumogami(tool spirits pronounced skoo-mow-gommy). In this world tools must be flipped to summon their power. Rid the kooky world of villains while leveling up your coin partners abilities and collecting more coins to join your party.

I use extensively as a teaching tool and was inspired by an assignment I created in class off the top of my head. A game about flipping coins to win a monster truck.

The mechanics and design of B.I.T. Coinz were inspired by retro rpg's like earthbound and paper mario and a newer genre of game "Idle Games".

Timing is key to getting the most out of each flip, should you play it safe and go for a single flip? Or risk it all for super damage multipliers!

Also say hi to Mr. Tippy Toes for me! =) (You'll meet him in the game. He flips daggers)
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