dashy dash game REMASTERED
CursorsDev (733)

heyo, dashy dash was pretty nice, but i took it to the next level with starz (the name of this game).

starz is about a color hole (a black hole, but colorful) trying to eat other stars. unfortunately, bob (the hole's name) can only eat starz the same color as him. fortunately, bob can change colors by pressing the space bar.

try to survive and get the most points :)


WASD or arrow keys to move
Space to change color/boost


v Key - Vector; see where you are going
l Key - Lines; see where stars are going
c Key - Color; see where stars the same color as you are going

How it was made

Alright, time to get technical. First off, I would like to review the enemies in the game. They may seem smarter than my previous games' enemies, but in reality, they are the same. The only difference is that they follow an offset from the player, not the player themselves.

This makes it seem like they have minds of their own and sometimes they 'dodge' your dive.

Next I want to talk about game design. The principle is still the same; you dash around and defeat enemies. What's different is that now you can always defeat SOMETHING, but there are a lot more things that can defeat YOU.

There's not much to talk about actually.

bacc to my olde style of talking ig.

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Awesome Awesome

"This is like, so awesome."