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dakshg (173)


This is a game I have worked on over the past month.
I use p5js in this.
99% of the frontend is by me
@EpicGamer007 did all the backend for me and has setup a leaderboard :)

wasd/arrowkeys to move
space to shoot
r to restart

Hope you enjoy ;)

BD103 (139)

Have an upvote! You deserve it!
Could you find a way to disable arrow keys and spacebar? I keep on moving the screen around. :)

dakshg (173)

@BD103 try zooming out (ctrl + minus on most browsers)

programmeruser (604)

@dakshg try calling event.preventDefault() in the event listeners.

qwertyuiop1111 (10)

@dakshg heya. if you press back arrow+space you can fire from the back of the spaceship.

dakshg (173)

@qwertyuiop1111 that was a purposeful feature

qwertyuiop1111 (10)

@dakshg :/ that makes a lot of sense but i mean its not like spaceships with laser rays are real so


Muhammad_SJC (150)

The crash animation is just mind-blowing

Zachary007 (9)

this always happens I cant even play

CursorsDev (733)

:v im not an epic gamer so i cant even get a score of 10

TheCheeseCoder (64)

cool game. but backend is more impressive

dakshg (173)

@TheCheeseCoder yea, @EpicGamer007 is not getting enough credit here for the backend

WayneOngCM (1)

if I knew anything about Javascript, I would've done this tbh

RainBowLion1 (6)

i want to learn how to make this is so cool

duck132912 (212)

but... how do people get score "-1"

EpicGamer007 (1765)

@duck132912 i created this. once you sign in for the first time, you get a default score of -1. then once you play, you get a higher scorer, then i replace it.

duck132912 (212)

@EpicGamer007 oooh, that makes scense (I spell horribly)

JKE010 (23)

Ok, who miraculously managed to get "6904200"? Very mature appluads
All jokes aside, this is Anxiety Simulator 2020. The amount of times I JUST barely dodged an asteroid...
Upvoted, great program!

XanderK20 (9)

@JKE010 they should have done 69214200 for the funney 9+10 haha number

JKE010 (23)

haha 9+10=21 funny joke, laugh. @XanderK20

XanderK20 (9)

@JKE010 omg xd your a comedic genius xDDDDDDDDD

JKE010 (23)

xD haha yeah right i'm hilarious. wait for this next one though.


xD xD i'm so funny @XanderK20

Atolite (4)

I wish it worked

amasad (3438)

@EpicGamer007 Leaderboard doesn't seem to work

EpicGamer007 (1765)

@amasad strange.. .works fine for me...

I also need to fix that null bug.
I think this is happening just because there are so many people

EpicGamer007 (1765)

@amasad everything should be working fine now. i do not know what is up with that bug
(I fixed the nullbug as well)


dude this is niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

BCP (7)

good! the only problem is that when I go to the leaderboard this shows up:

BCP (7)

wait nevermind its fixed i think @BCP

BCP (7)

@BCP It just takes a long time to load nvm

CyberHacker101 (126)

Hmm, why do I have to log in with repl? is this safe?

Kookiez (405)

@CyberHacker101 to answer your question:
it's safe. they'll only use your username to put you on the leaderboard. not like they're some people about to steal your info... and you probably can't with repl auth.

programmeruser (604)

@CyberHacker101 with repl auth there's no way they can see your personal information anyways

Kookiez (405)

@CyberHacker101 put a space between a person's username and your text like this to notify/ping them:
hi sorry for ping @programmeruser

CyberHacker101 (126)

I forgot what I asked. I have no idea what ur talking [email protected]

gameprogammer (6)

oh now i get it.I had to log in and am i the only one who realeased if you go fast a boost thing comes?

gameprogammer (6)

no i mean like when i load it what is the next thing i do do i fork it and edit it or something like that? sorry for not knowing.

Ayaan20 (0)

um how do you upvote
epic game btw

dakshg (173)

@Ayaan20 just click the upvote button

JonDoeBeep (43)

nice will give vote but one problem.

there is no offline version

also nice backend

alexz6359 (0)

Brooooooooooooooooooooooo this is hard

tussiez (1637)

Amazing animations, especially the kill screen!
I would recommend adding a scalable canvas as the canvas is a bit big on 11.6" displays :)


Epic pog to these dudes

I may have hacked but would be happy to rewrite it in a more practical way.

gameprogammer (6)

How do i play it? I would love to test this game but i don't know how to play.Can you tell me? Thanks.See ya!!!

dakshg (173)

@gameprogammer just try to avoid the asteroids and try to destroy them

DJWang (1354)



piemadd (115)

Congrats! You made it onto the twitter ;)

EpicGamer007 (1765)

@piemadd ayy thanks for telling us.

freashavacado (0)