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Artificial Intelligence playlists

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Online Music Hackathon 2019

Theme: MUSIC!

Rules: As always, must be original content & MUST be created and hosted on
Dates: July 1 @ 00:00 PST to July 21 @ 00:00 PST

Business Plan

Suggestion : Create an application in Python 3.

Subject : The application will be a music player with Artificial Intelligence playlists.

More specifically the user will Login in the platform using his/her user name. Secondly he/she will be able to search for an artist, to listen to his/her favorite music or songs.

Al : Every time the user is looking for an artist, the name of the artist will be automatically saved in a list. So every time the user logs in he/she will be provided with sample playlists according to the artist and more specifically according to the relevant percentage of the artists.

For example : The user has made in total 6 searches : 3 for Ariana Grande , 2 for Selena Gomez , 1 for Katy Perry. That means that the list must contain 3/6 (50%) Ariana Grande songs, 2/6 (33%) Selena Gomez songs and 1/6 (17%) Katy Perry songs.

Needed files:


Graphic creation


Create Artificial Intelligence (AI) which will save all searches in a txt file and will export the personalized playlists.


Create the profile only if it’s a new one.

  • users
    • someone.txt
    • someone_else.txt
    • someone_else_No2.txt


To run the app:


You can install packages via commands such as:

python -m pip install --user numpy


  • Project Manager & AI developer: Alex
  • Front-end Developer: Nick
  • Backend developer: George


This program has been created by : George, Alex and Nick.
© 2019 George, Alex and Nick All Rights Reserved.

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