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dnilem26 (8)


I recently made this website so I decided to share it
In it you can make art on canvas with many different colors

Here are the shortcut keys
Space bar = Clear all
e = Activate eraser
s = Save project

If you have any suggestions to any changes I could make or if you made a really cool work of art you can put them in the comments


ldand (2)

I love this! But it would be nice if you added a like confirmation on the "clear all hotkey". Sometimes my thumb deletes everything. Another good thing would be notifications, when you press "e" a notification will appear saying "easer activated". Refer to the notification, after you login a green notification pops up in the bottom right.

dnilem26 (8)

@ldand Okay thank you for you're great ideas

ldand (2)

@dnilem26 No problem, hope to see it!

cuber1515 (56)

I have no idea if this would be too hard or not but like making shapes, like circle, square, ect.

Here's my art

SamuelSaid (12)

There could be an option to add an image to see as a comparison to the thing you want to draw or like to make a background for the thing you created , but so far good

EdwardBentler (35)

It's so seamless and smooth for html.