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Army Man
JohnnyBruno (8)

This game is in PRE - ALPHA. We are still de - bugging. Also out .lower() function isn't (The italics are inside stars.)working. So you need to copy the input EXACTLY. If you see: blah blah blah The stars mean what you must put into the input. This game is a fun RPG with terminal features coming soon! This is made by The_Friend_Coders10. Have fun!

AustinIrvine (3)

Bro! I played this game and didn't die until it said, "Dab," then I couldn't resist! Loved it! Keep making great games like this one! Best of luck to you!

MagicMikey (1)

Good game!this is so good I love it I don't want to stop playing it is so good!!!!