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Architect 📐

Architect is a game about designing your own way of completing levels, you get the option to break or place blocks each level, but you only get a limited amount of each. You can also collect coins along the way, which can be used to buy extras.

This game was a solo project.

Please comment with any bugs or feature requests. They really help me out!


I cant see the block that i placed


@mkhoi You either have none of that block left, or you have selected the block delete.


@LucHutton I placed that block, the block counter go from 1 to 0


@LucHutton The block is not invisible, it is just shifted from the cursor position to the right. That's known problem in Firefox browser


@mkhoi It now works on Firefox.
@Han_Solo Thanks for mentioning it as a bug!


@LucHutton ok! I can now play the game!


I really like the concept of this game, it's quite fun, if a bit challenging.

I did, however, encounter a few bugs:

  • Dying reduces your coin count, but there's a tutorial level where you need to buy blocks in order to advance. If you die in the level before it, you won't have enough coins to advance
  • Resetting the game with Esc calls the main() loop again, which means you end up getting an extra update loop running in the background for each time you reset - double updates == double move/game/gravity speed.

Other than that, some other feedback I have:

  • On the second tutorial level, I mistook the block on my mouse for an actual block and was confused as to why I was falling through it. Perhaps make the unplaced block semi-transparent or otherwise indicate that it isn't real (yet)? This may also apply to removing blocks.
  • It took me a bit to understand how many blocked I had to place/remove. Adding a note about that in the tutorial and/or making the counts more obvious ("0 #, 0 X" is a little esoteric) may help

Once again, great work, your game looks awesome!


@NevanTan Thank you for the reply! Losing a coin of death was actually deliberate, but I will remove that. I shall also update all your other suggestions :)


@NevanTan All been updated


@LucHutton It may be beneficial to separate out the coins from a score count.

Puzzle games tend to have self-contained levels; that is, the solution of the level is independent of anything you did before the beginning of the level. This would allow you to add a button that resets only the level you're currently on, not the entire game.

At the moment, the solution path for the level I was referencing looks something like:
Collect coins > Level Start > Buy Block > Place Block > Complete

Whereas if you were to place the coin at the start of the level, you'd get:
Level Start > Collect coins > Buy Block > Place Block > Complete

This would allow players to restart the level in case they place a block incorrectly, and still pick up the coin they need to solve it.

If you're clever about how many coins are available in the level, and how many blocks you need to place to solve it, you can make it so players never level a given level with coins, ensuring the next level has a clean slate to start from. Or, you could reward players that are clever with how they place their blocks (in order to have coins left over) and allow them an easier time of the next level with their extra coins.

At the beginning of my post, I mentioned adding a score counter, which would just be a measure of progress independent of the coins. It could be as simple as +1 score for each coin collected and +1 score for each coin still in your inventory when you finish a level - that would effectively incentivize players to collected all the coins as well as to conserve as many as possible. You would, however, have to be careful to revoke score when you reset the level or keep a separate count that is only applied when the level is completed successfully.


would smash


Really cool game


that last one is a big troll xd


this is fun


I really like your game, very original. Controls are a bit hard sometimes like when you're jumping from a ledge and there's no room for error, but otherwise it's a good game!


I think a nice feature would be to change the block type with a right click rather than the key E.


@ryanokushi I'll make it possible to use both.


@ryanokushi Actually no, just right clicking.


@LucHutton Great! That makes it a lot easier to play.


@LucHutton Right clicking on a (MacBook) touchpad is really inconvenient. Can we have E back please?


@DanielDarabos1 E is back.


@LucHutton Hurray for E! Thanks!


This game is really well done. Beat it all in one sitting! Hope you make more levels though.


@jarules214 I'll make some more later.


If you put src=""></script> in the index.html and put $('canvas').bind('contextmenu', function(e) {
return false;
} in the script.js then it makes it so when you right-click, it doesn't bring up the context menu


@TylerK1 Thank you for the suggestion, I will implement something to block right clicking, but I won't use jQuery for it.


I can't get past level one. Omg.


@KatyaDelaney The first level after the tutorial?


@katyadee aw lucky you can change your username