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Apple Store
IGamer123 (76)

Hey! You all know apple, the very famous very expensive company.
Check out apple's products today!
Apple -


Me - @IGamer123
@TheDrone7 - I used his Bootstrap Template



@IGamer123 I'm working on a project, its a chat app. I see that your very good with creative ideas and CSS/HTML do you want to help

IGamer123 (76)

If you say so, im in @TestOP


Is it gonna be over priced

noway15 (97)

you forgot the terms and conditions

maxina (61)

lmao im not a fan of apple but ngl thats pretty cool


Good job

IGamer123 (76)

You cant buy it on this website. Maybe Ill do that so it brings you to the page where you can ACtually buy it @BananaJellyfish

IGamer123 (76)

Hmmmm @BananaJellyfish
Here since ya asked I giv u for free

Hmm still a problem. Its not christmas!

BobTheTomatoPie (3362)

haha i clicked on it and was like whyd it send me to the apple store and then i realized what happened

Bookie0 (6281)

Pretty cool, some things:
Add a favicon, and the apple logo isn't working, Also why are you putting 2 lol? ( Apple ·?

This isn't the iPhone 12

Why this bright yellow color?

However beautiful the apple logo is, I think you're adding it a bit too much times..

And each watch I click gives me the same picture.

What is this background????

And for the founders, I have a feeling you copy pasted from Wikipedia....

But good job anyways! :)

IGamer123 (76)

I actually copied the products on apple and put them on here @Bookie0 so its basically like the simpler version of apple home screen and if you go on apple - ya se that Iphone 12 is out

IGamer123 (76)

Lol I luv apple @Bookie0 but I didn't mean to put that much.. Oops

Bookie0 (6281)

@IGamer123 of course you copied them, you couldn't have made them lol. But no, the first phone isn't the iPhone 12.

IGamer123 (76)

The background is the arcade logo but it doesnt look best lol @Bookie0

RayhanADev (2521)

Dude, nothing stupidly expensive like it should be :(

Hahhaha nice website!

Also @Bookie0 ping!