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Apple Loading Screen (python)
ameet9034 (6)

This is a loading screen that contains an apple textmoji so I decided it would be perfect to make! :)

Bookie0 (5956)

Nice job! Try adding more different loading screens with the Apple icon! ;)

lzk (0)

Hello! I'm gonna be using this in my game because I think it is amazing!

EthanCulp (34)

I suggest remaking this into a class or change the definition. What you could do is add arguments to the def. The 2 arguments I suggest you to add is the loading icon (Possibly 'loadingIcon') and add an argument for the text that isn't moving (Possibly 'emptyIcon'). This will make it easier to change the animation. It will also make it more usable by other users. This is definitely something that someone would use to add aesthetic to their program.