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19wintersp (1142)

Game Maker

A tool for making your own choose-your-own-adventure games!

So you can spam Repl Talk with even less effort!

This is another small fascination of mine: a way of easily building multiple-choice adventure games. You can create a game using the graphical app, and then share it using a configuration file. What can you make? Share your creations in the comments!

A game is made up of nodes, which is like a scene in your adventure. Nodes have children, which are the options the player can take. I've built an example game for demonstration purposes.


  1. Open the site (Obviously)
  2. You now have a blank project. At the moment, there is nothing there, but you can test it by pressing "Test" in the toolbar at the top.
  3. Add a description to your scene! Edit the text which says "Scene description" on the left, and test it again.
  4. Start adding choices! Press "Add option": these options are shown to the user when they are in that scene. If you test it, you can see how that works.
  5. Once you're finished, press "Export" in the toolbar. You'll get a file downloaded, and a popup will appear. Create a new HTML repl, and upload the file to it. Copy the repl's URL, and go to the play site and paste the URL in. Enjoy!


  • Added keyboard shortcuts, thanks to #xxpertHacker for the suggestion