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Anger Run
RhinoRunner (866)

How to play

THE GOAL: make all of the waddles angry and go through the door to get to the next levels! (there are 4 levels)

Use WASD to move. To fire arrows, use [ and to fire orbs, use ]. Orbs take longer to charge up bit are slightly bigger than arrows.

To anger the waddles, shoot them with an arrow/orb. You can also run into them, but it is not recommended as an angry waddle can kill you! (so stay far from them)

After you kill all of the waddles, go though the door to get to the next level.

You can also collect gold along the way, but you don't have to. If you want to have bragging rights, try and beat the game with all of the gold collected on each level!


Do not run into the spikes, as they will kill you.

Running into crates and walls do nothing.

Going into water makes you slower.

The power ups speed you up for a few seconds. They can be very useful!

Waddles, angry waddles, and all projectiles can go through walls.

Shooting an angry waddle does nothing.

Use this link to play the game. Running this in the post is not recommended as the pygame window can get buggy.

Any feedback/suggestions would be appreciated.

Have fun!

cuber1515 (57)

2nd level, but I keep trying randomly throughout the day @RhinoRunner

RhinoRunner (866)

@cuber1515 Tips:

  • try and stay near the door while you shoot at the waddles
  • Every time you shoot, shoot a different weapon, so if you just shot an arrow, next shoot the orb and vise versa.

Also, there is a bug where while using the speed power up, the collision detection bugs out a bit. It causes the player to not hit the walls right, making them 1 pixel away from it when trying to move it back. This means that while you use the power up, you cannot fit into one tile areas.

cuber1515 (57)

I got to the 4th level! @RhinoRunner

JacobMcPherson1 (239)

@RhinoRunner No, I died on the second level because one of the waddles ran into me

RhinoRunner (866)

@JacobMcPherson1 oof. I was going to add another enemy called a wardle that would shoot bullets at you, but after experimenting with it, it made the game too hard and also had a weird bug where the bullets it shot would randomly delete themselves.