*New!* Doodle Countdown - Full Version - Defuse the bomb before the time runs out!
CatR3kd (487)

Hey Guys!

Remember that project of mine that was pretty popular recently? The one where you defused the bomb? This is the full version!


  • 5x the amount of levels!
  • Main menu
  • Level creation instructions
  • Other minor changes

How to play:

Figure out all four digits to the code then enter it into the keypad!
Good luck!

Thanks for playing!

If you enjoyed, I would appreciate an upvote!

-CatR3kd <3

Visit my site: catr3kd.weebly.com

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CatR3kd (487)

And another. I am so sorry! but,, sadly,, I got this message: You deleted your post about the clicker, but it has a massive problem. The game is on the client side, meaning you can easily cheat by simply changing your click count variable in the console. You may want to contact your backend partner, since you'll have to run the game in the backend, otherwise cheating is easily doable.
Idk man, if these arn't easy fixes maybe we should call it ): @NoNameByProgram