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An interesting bank...

I spent way too long on this...
This is my forth coded game, and also, this is the second game made entirely by me (almost).

This program aims to represent a very unusual bank with a currency of coins. You can buy stocks, hydras, diamonds, lottery tickets, or you can even try to rob the bank! In fact, it feels more like a bank, a stock market, and a convenience store combined...
There is one secret button you should check the code for...
Your progress won't be saved (unfortunately it doesn't work because repl deletes the text file I think...) If you really want an account, tell me, and I can make the text file. Hopefully that works...

So yeah, I hope you enjoy it! (If you like it, please upvote!)


Your progress will be saved

it wont and I tell you it wont

replit deletes any changes made by the program

if you want to make an actual saving database use repldb


@ch1ck3n oh...


@ch1ck3n If you want it, I can make you an account text file.