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An actual good calculator 2.0
FlaminHotValdez (437)

This is a sequel to my post "An actual good calculator." This one has a better prompt, actually ignores spaces, has more possible operations, and a lot more. :D

For those of you that haven't seen the old post, the point of the first "An actual good calculator" was a calculator where you could simply input your expression instead of "Please enter a number" "Please enter a number" "Please enter an operation". It could handle multiple operations at once, followed order of operations, and did NOT use eval() or similar functions.


IcynDevz (763)

You actually got me xD

happy april fools to you too!
FlaminHotValdez (437)

@IcynHackz XD...This really was a calculator 2.0, but for april fools day I decided to add 2 lines of code that would make it say "APRIL FOOL" and terminate the program