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Among V1.2


by AndrewChen51 and WWWtheW


among you is a real game, idk if you've seen or heard of it but yeah this is not among you

another thing is that you don't just start out wherever you want, and also there are no such colors as olive, gold, etc.

final point: you can do better. Maybe with a bit of work you could make it into a real playable game, where you can sabotage and vent.

oh yeah one more thing it does not take 0.5 seconds to go from one room to another


@noway15 Yes, we know that among you is a real game. This is among, not among you.
You don't actually start out wherever you want, you start out at cafe. Try doing /task emergency at the beginning. Also, yes we know that there are no colors like olive and gold, they are copied from AndrewChen51's friend, who made another version. Also, there are more colors to make the game more exciting.
Yes you can sabotage, and yes we might be able to make vents such that you can only go to the rooms next to you. Still, this is a Python version of Among Us.
Yes, and we can fix that, but still.


alright @WWWtheW