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Among Us!

Hello Everyone! This is the first time I published a game. If you ever played Among Us, this game is just like it, just a bit simpler. Like with different tasks and no graphics.

Thank Yous

Thanks so much @Smart0ne. I couldn't have made this without you. I needed the meeting code. You also gave me the idea to make Among Us. So thanks so much @Smart0ne.

Also, thanks everyone for playing the game! An up vote would be appreciated, this has 966 lines of code.

How To Play

The game is quite simple. If you ever played Among Us, your goal is to figure out who the impostor is. You can start an emergency meeting every 3 turns. There are also tasks and cameras to choose (my favorite thing to do is see the cams :D )

As impostor, I think there might be a few bugs (getting impostor is pretty rare, so it is hard to test the code), but still, have fun! As impostor, you can kill, sabotage (which will decrease the crew mate's tasks.), and start emergency meetings. If you kill someone, be aware that you might be caught on cams.


Sorry if the following happens:

  • You die when the game just starts.
  • You suddenly die when you are just about to win.

I set it for the impostor to randomly kill you. So . . . yea, be ready to die.

In the meetings, be aware about the chat. Bots chat based on who they are. hint! Crew mates are the only ones who say they scanned. So when someone says "I scanned.", don't vote them.

When you give me a bug, I will try fixing the bugs on this duplicate of the game: Among Us Bugs Fixed In Progress

Thanks, and enjoy playing!


nice i liked the game


yea I got killed before the game start