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[UPDATE!][Game] Survive2D: will you survive? (prob not)





don't worry your progress won't be removed (hopfully):

  • fixed the tabs thing now time won't pass if you are not playing
  • added a leaderboard that you can enter by sending a screenshot of the number of days you survived
  • there is arrows pointing towards enemies that are outside the window
  • you heal when you kill enemies
  • random bug fixes
    yes you can tell i ACTUAllY lisened to the feedback, (about the "i'm too busy to update the game" thing, a blender render was taking too long so added the most requested stuff while it's rendering to not waste time)


added a pause menu, also keybinds for the tools, fixed some bugs :D
oh and also added a footer for all the smart people that exposed me, :P
also thanks for all the updoots i guess, i mean 170+ i think this is my most updooted post lmao, (because it's no where near the most post i've put effort into)


you know what day it is...

  • enemies now are slower at the day, and to make things fair for them they are a bit faster at night

  • added a grenade launcher

  • running on floor makes you faster so now floors are actuall usefull

  • ou can open and close the pause menu using the p in your keyboard

  • i maybe added other stuff but i forgot so yeah..

  • didn't add a mini map, i changed my mind for various reasons

netlify app will be updated in a couple of minutes

ABOUT the leaderboard

so your old screenshots won't count bacause the game was update too much


you move with the arrow keys or WASD, you shoot/build/attack using your mouse.
you unlock a tool by clicking on it, it will show you the tool stats as well as the tool price, after that, you can upgrade it by clicking on it while it's selected. if nothing happens then the tool is maxed.
you can also sell building by clicking them while selecting a building tool,
your goal is to survive for as many days as you can, so be aware the zombies and the demons, you can camp, you can fight, you can run do whatever it takes to survive, your health regenerates when it's daytime and you killed all the enemies.


this is a quick thing i made for two reasons:

    1. i wanted to fix the abomination that was this game, i mean, the buildings don't stick to a grid???!! it was so stupid, i didn't play his game but i liked the idea. 2D survival game with building and shooting elements..
    1. i wanted to practice typescript so i can move on to postegres and react with typescript and stuff

source code


1 year ago
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i'm self though, i started learning from the coding train channel some javascript and programming in general, then ouce i mastered OOP i started leanring some css, html, dom manipulation etc from channels like the net ninja, dev ed, web dev simplified...
then i was interested in physics, so started leanrning some high school physics from khan academy, also some linear algebra and calculus 1 (didn't finish it tho because i did'nt have time) the i've spent about 6 mounth learning about computer science principles from the computer science crash course, and some google searches, then i got interested in networking and full stack-dev so i learned nodejs, express, mongoDB, react, firebase, graphQL, typescript, in this order, THEN i got interested in devops, i bought a raspbery pi, learned, ssh, nginx, docker, port forwarding and netwroking topics from channels like travery media and hussein nasser, that was a couple of weeks ago, then i made this game in 5days just to practice my typescript skills, posted it here, and now i'm learning blender for fun. i took some courses in btween that i can't really remenber where i learned them like design fundemantals, color theory, python, data science and machine learning, but i wasn't much interested in any of these so stoped learning them.
helpful websites and channels:

free code camp (one of the best resources, has everything you need about web dev, i took most of there courses)
css tricks
etc.. (i don't remember anymore)
i'm consider myself a hobiest, i'm not planning to work in the software dev industry, so all the stuff i said sould be taken with a grain of salt
the best advice i can give is, don't worry about how much time it took you to learn something, don't compare yourself to others and never think about quiting

1 year ago