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Poem Maker


Full credit for the idea goes to

for Poe (

It reads poems and then creates one based on those poems. I'm really proud of it even though it the poems usually don't make total sense, but that's to be expected - I knew it wouldn't be perfect. The code probably sucks but it works so whatever! Please try it out. I screenshotted some examples.

Rhyming stanzas trained by Edgar Allen Poe and Percy Bysshe Shelley:

rhyming stanzas trained by poe and shelley

Shakespearean sonnet trained by Shakespeare:

Shakespearean sonnet trained on shakespeare

Haiku trained by Edgar Allen Poe, Percy Bysshe Shelley and Lord Byron:

haiku trained by poe, shelley and byron

Monotetra trained by Wilfred Owen:

monotetra trained by wilfred owen

Free verse trained by William Blake and Lord Byron:

free verse trained by blake and byron

Couplet trained by Emily Dickinson:

couplet trained by emily dickinson

Hope you guys enjoy! All you have to do is pick a poet for it to read through and then choose a poem style to generate. You can train it with multiple poets. Some may take a while, and it takes longer with more poets (this is only really bad at ~5 poets) . If it's taking a while, just wait, it's not because it's crashed (probably?). Let me know if you find any errors though.

I would love if you shared any poems it makes for you!

4 years ago
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