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Am i truly incorrect
RayaKelley (0)

So disregard if i went haywire on the code blow line 1-5, but how can my code be incorrect if others are able to continue the same program?

Could it be my OS, hardware.. like idk lols..

guys and gals ?

Dunce (71)

You can't just convert an entire list to an integer. If you were wanting to get the length of student_scores that's: student_scores = len(student_scores)
If you wanted to convert every value of student_scores to an integer you can do something like this: student_scores = list(map(int, student_scores))

btfuss (178)

@ANDREWVOSS Had an idea for the no brackets/bars, but remove the brackets and replace the split with split(',') so it splits on every comma @RayaKelley


Also: line 4 should be

student_scores[n] = int(student_scores[n])

Just input the numbers with no commas or brackets, eg:

78 65 89 86 55 91 64 89