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Alter: The First Step In Learning To Code
AtharvAttri (3)


Introducing Alter, the language makes learning to easy!

Getting a start

Learning to code is a life-altering decision, but many people miss out on it, mostly because they think they are not smart enough. Alter fixes that by making sure that anyone who can type in English, can code.

A Stepping Stone

But Alter isn’t just English, it also has Python-like syntax so that the user can transition at their own pace, and then move on to a fully-fledged language like Python.

We're different

Alter isn’t a traditional language, we don’t want to keep users on our language forever, we want them to learn and then move on. Our language is the first step to learning advanced languages used in the workplace like Python, JS, and Java.

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To view examples, please click this link

To view the code, please see the repl at the bottom

The Future of Alter

We plan to add in the missing features that we did not have time for yet, and add more variety to our English-like syntax, along with better error handling. We are aiming for an official release sometime before the end of the year.
Alter is not finished, and never will be. As the world of programming progresses, Alter will evolve with it, and ensure that no matter what, Alter will be the first step in the life-altering path of learning to code.

Happy Coding!