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Introducing Stanky Run!

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Stanky Run is my submission for the October Kajam! It's my first "memey" game and I hope you all will enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed making it! You can find more detailed instructions with the button on the game's home screen, but basically your goal is to run away from the Stanky Police for as long as you can to gain Stanky Points. The catch is that you have to jump over hurdles along the way, because if you hit a hurdle you have to respawn, which gives the Stanky Police time to get closer to you! You can also use some HUGE power-ups along the way, which makes you pretty OP and HUGE! Again, I recommend you read the instructions in the game before first playing, but that's the basic idea of the game.

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Also, for best experience, please open the project in a new tab. Make the window as wide as you can (or just go fullscreen) so that you have the largest viewport possible and more time to have your reflexes react to seeing the hurdles!