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Alphabet turtle
redter (19)

This repl somewhat draws letters with turtle. The graphics are kinda bad but, eh. You have to fork it to use it... I only define them for you
( Also it will print your name if you enter it ) No fancy stuff ie @#$%*()-=_+[]{}|;:<>¨´ cuz thats not normally said

open for suggestions

jonahc426 (0)

Dang... it says it's not found. Can you repost it?

Pizzadrengen (2)

You should remove the turtle marker when it is done drawing.

redter (19)

@pizzadrengen: thank for the suggestion! I'll look into it.

emilian1000000 (12)

Question marks aren't very good and you used WAY to many lines of code, but other than that, it's very good.

redter (19)

@emilian1000000: I believe the question marks have been improved. I have just changed them

emilian1000000 (12)

@redter: That looks much better. Thanks!