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Alpha mange - your all in one task manager - must see!
LegendaryWolf (630)

Alpha Manage -

Buttons -

  • 'Add task' adds a task
  • 'Delete task' deletes a selected task.
  • to select a task, click on any added task in the list box of tasks
  • 'Save task' saves the added tasks into a file name 'tasks.dat'
  • 'load task' loads the saved tasks into the list box of tasks

This took me 3.5 hours to create.

Upvote if u like :)

My goal is 20 upvotes!

and thx to my brother, @hacky for helping meh!

Comment on how to improve this.

Bookie0 (5957)

Really nice, what about adding more features (like checking/unchecking tasks, copying tasks, etc. :)

LegendaryWolf (630)

Im on the leaderboard!

Whippingdot (552)

That is because you are spam posting. STOP!! Are you just an alt of CaptainNeo? don't spam post please @LegendaryAlpha

LegendaryWolf (630)

IK, @Whippingdot, you don't want meh to have more cycles than you and u r jealous. And I'm not da alt of that CaptinNeo dude

LegendaryWolf (630)

Can u pls tell rules? there is no rule hat says don't post a million things everyday
edit: that*

Whippingdot (552)

i know i already told u i don't want you to get more cycles than me lul. And there is no rule. But just stop, seriously. It clogs up the feed with ur posts, and I want to see other people's posts in the trending or new too! @LegendaryAlpha

LegendaryWolf (630)

Until I'm the Alpha, No one can argue with meh!!

LegendaryWolf (630)

IM gonna post an other, html,css,js,python post in an hour! It has amazing css! That post is also gonna be trending as usual. And as I'm in the leader board, many ppl know meh and I wud get more upvotes this time!! muhahahahahahahahah!!!!! No one can argue with as I'm the alpha!

MikeJMS8910 (105)

uhh really weird bug. When you drag the Oops! popup it really messes up the screen.

LegendaryWolf (630)


LegendaryWolf (630)

Hope you like this and have a good day :)