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Alone 2.0
BobTheTomatoPie (3362)

Based off of one of my first posts.

You send as many people as you want onto seperate islands and they have to survive to see who lasts the longest.

You guys will get the hang of it i dont have to explain

Join my discord:

Hope you enjoy

Here is the original one that I made in python that this post is based off of:

Also I have been adding Pitlife 5 updates and the game is better than ever, go check it out.

Pressing enter is the same as pressing the advance button btw

RhinoRunner (864)

You know me, I had to make memes out of this

epicman702 (497)

That's not how shields work...

BobTheTomatoPie (3362)

lol best comment ive seen on this post, I didn't pay attention to what the shield was blocking really so this is funny @epicman702

epicman702 (497)

@BobTheTomatoPie Lol, thanks
Maybe you should affect what the shields block
Or you can switch up the damage messages a bit


literally anything: happens
paulie: i PrEvEnTeD dAmAgE wItH mY sHiElD

epicman702 (497)

@AJDevelopment See? this is the problem with Minecraft bedrock! Shields are broken!


@epicman702 i dont get it i play minecraft pocket edition and shields work perfectly fine


StringentDev (234)

im now after reading all your memes, TRYING NOT TO DIE. @epicman702

IOP3 (847)

Some oofs

Good luck Kira


R.I.P Flynn

terrible day

R.I.P Kira

R.I.P John

Whippingdot (678)

Day 0:


Day 9:

Redgy has a VERY random brain. He goes out to pick berries, then thinks about going for a walk, and while on the walk crafts a shield...

Day 10:


Day 12:

Unlucky Jeff, Unluck Jeff

Day 14:

I knew Redgy has a scatterbrain mind, but WHAT! He goes out to pick berries, and instead creates a house, and then doesn't feel safe in is house so he breaks it down... WHAT just WHAT

Day 16:


You definately DON'T have the most food out of the three

Finally, Day 27:


BTW Jeff survived until day 228. His area was infested with Bears(if I scroll back I see him getting attacked by one everyday) and they finally got to him

Whippingdot (678)

ya lul. They picked apart his house stick by stick @Rishan001


@Whippingdot well redgy's house didnt last long-

Bookie0 (6358)

wtf do you mean snails are good lmfao

yep yep. ofc. totally what you do instead of tryna survive..

Uh oh

Heyyyy aren't you dead man?

Dang I would be crazy if I was attacked twice by a bear..

Bruh if you're dead you're dead lmao

oh finally!

Hah! take that!

Sorry honey, ain't not burgers here!

Grace how many times will you get attacked by that damn bear??

Grace doesn't realize you can't eat burgers, part II

Well duh you fell off a rock

Grace is attacked by a bear, part 10 thousand?


Oh so she falls off a cliff and doesn't die smh

Clumsy Grace!

Dumb Grace!

Wow that's fast!

haha finally knew it would be that bear in the end!

Well pretty cool game! Apart from some pretty dumb people (for sure I would survive on that island NOT), it's very fun! Maybe add graphics? And when everyone has died, perhaps an end screen resurrecting them and putting the peeps on a podium :)

BobTheTomatoPie (3362)

lol thanks and maybe i will add graphics but that would probably be in version 3 @Bookie0



sounds like me when i was 5

Rishan001 (43)

@Bookie0 I think the purpose of the game is to humour us.

RhinoRunner (864)

ah, yes, custom names

BobTheTomatoPie (3362)

dang you guys found out how to change the [email protected]

RhinoRunner (864)

@BobTheTomatoPie I found out by accident, I was clicking the add player button and when I pressed on their names on accident it opened a text box

AidanWaner (4)

Not alone anymore, Timmy. Enjoy.

AidanWaner (4)

Jeff really knows how to feel better.


Now hold on a minute- I thought frank was the one who got hurt-

Did the fish try to steal the berries?

I suppose for once he was paranoid for a reason.

Sometimes, he's smart enough to make an axe. Other times, he just screams at everybody around him. No wonder the other people at all on other islands- I wouldn't want to be with this guy. (especially if he's yelling at you WITH an axe)

Greg has the wood, roger has the clams, and frank has the insanity: How come greg is the only who who DIDN'T build a house?

The house was depressed that roger didn't think of it as a home.

Frank: Falls of rocks, climbs back up, falls off rocks again, survives.
Roger: Trips on rocks, dies.

I don't think dennis is the one who should be worried.

The last meal.

Another clam house.

Maybe you should use the axe on the tiger instead of the tree.

Greg: I'm bleeding to death from a tiger attack. Quickly, while we bleed, chop some wood.

You did good, ray.

Good day for Davy, not so much for leonardo.

It was the berries.

Sir, your supposed to use the axe on a tree, not your cabin.

Now hold on a minute: If I remember correctly, you broke your axe yesterday.

This is why you miss people: Your always eating everyone who tries to talk to you.

Day 226: Conner dies, leaving leonardo alone. Day 294: Leonardo dies from a broken axe. Rumours spread that after knowing he's the last one, he took the metal part of the wreckage, and held it up to his throat.

BobTheTomatoPie (3362)

lol the use the axe on the tiger instead of tree part made me laugh @AIDANGREEN6

kelpweed (1)


[+] Steve found some resources!
Steve built a house!

BillNyeScience (96)

wtf Gina

bruh Jonah its been 0 days

looks like the snail trend is starting

When you want to eat a burger but you build a house

doesn't last long

burger trend

fun fact: tigers live underwater

lol what



even more ?!?!?!

that's a lot of hands

more snails

Jonah made the achievement 'Death'


@BiIINye Love the "tigers live underwater"

bennyrobert (45)

Literally this is Minecraft.

bennyrobert (45)

Yes, I've always wanted to join the 'Bobthetomatopie discord', I'm so glad there is one.


You can give them - wood....


I had forgotten all about this project....


@AIDANGREEN6 First thing I learn when I come back: Hey, you can make them have -wood at the begining... mwa ha ha ha ha ha!!!

EdwardBentler (39)

Gathering wood isn't safe, Flora died on day 262 because she gathered wood, never gather wood, stay safe, spread the news.

Soccer135246 (7)


22yeetz22 (0)

The undieable died.

noway15 (97)

since Mr. Beast is rich, why not give him 10,000 wood to start with? He's paying for all of it after all.
Imagine the other guy wins

noway15 (97)


Wilke000 (636)