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Aliens Adventure Game
PYer (4009)

I created this adventure game. I read a book a few years ago with an example like this. I haven't found the game example since, so this is totally based off of memory. It is pretty simple, and uses a dictionary and classes to run. I may create a tutorial for creating a game like this. Thank you and please upvote!

I hope you like it!
Comment below if you win!

coderash (286)

Are you going to enter it?

PyCoder01 (56)

Yay I won! Congrats on 4000 cycles!

DanaVillamin (0)

It doesn't work for me :(

PYer (4009)

Sorry, @DanaVillamin. There's been updates, so it's kind of out-dated. It should work now!


It was easy. Do you know an extended version of this game?

CharlieMorris1 (6)

gassed for a sequel pal

LukeGordon2 (4)

@CharlieMorris1 - noob didn't even complete it. TRUE FANS ONLY !!!!!1

PYer (4009)

@LukeGordon2 nice! did you like it?