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Algo Hamlet
sugarfi (622)

Algo Hamlet

Note: To have the best experience possible, please play in fullscreen.

Algo Hamlet is a small game designed to initiate players to algorithms. Players solve puzzles using "machines", each of which has a certain function that resembles a certain programming language construct. Players will push these machines into place on a map to form chains, which when run, will execute a specific code neccessary to solve a puzzle, such as moving a wall or opening a door.

How to Move:

Use Arrow Keys

Choose Player Skin:

Third block on the home screen, we have quite an assortment of characters to choose from.

Choose Levels:

Want to skip ahead? Feel free to do so by choosing your selected level in the home menu.

The Machines:

Be careful, spoilers ahead but read anyways

The machines, which you see from level 3, allow you to control diverse parts of the game's environment.

Door Block

When fired, the door block will swing open and close all doors on the the map. (Like a door should :)

Fence Block

When fired, the fence block will destroy and annihilate all destroy all fences on the map. KABOOM

Vertical and Horizontal Conditional Block

Conditional blocks will break the chain if the condition isn't respected. For the vertical one, you need to be right of the block for it to break the chain. As for the horizontal one, you need to be below it to stop the chain.

Launch Blocks

The launch blocks are the one launching chains. There are in total 4 different launch blocks, unlocked at different stages of the game. The repeated launch block will fire every second, the fast repeat launch block will fire every frame, the normal launch block will launch on a space bar click, and the last one, the close normal launch block will fire on a space bar click, but only when near it.


Darknew: literally all the work
Hahayes and sugarfi: nothing

HahaYes (1862)

@ZDev1 thx, @darknew did most of the work...thats why it looks so gud