The Fishing Game again

Hi guys, I made this game a couple of years ago now. There was always a problem with the database. Now that have rolled out in=built databases, I made this version which I think actually works. However the database is only personal to your repl, and not shared amongst users, so things like the highscores board will only show any runs of the game that you have done. I really hope it actually works for more than a few weeks this time! Comment if you run into any problems! Thank you so much for playing!

The Fishing Game

Explore your way through the different regions by catching the rarest fish you can. Catch em all to fill up your fishedex!

Hi!! This my fishing game. Here's a bit of an explanation that you also get ingame:

Welcome to my fishing game! The aim of the game is to reach level 100 as quickly as possible. Catch the rarest fish you can and level up! You can sell your fish in the shop. Rarer fish bring in more gold. You can use this gold to purchase bait, which is needed to catch fish, and rods, which make catching rarer fish easier. Careful, bait gets more expensive as you level up. New types of fish are unlocked as you level up, and at higher levels, it's easier to catch fish. You can also see information about all the fish you've come across in the 'fishedex' in the shop. Catch them all! You might also find some treasure when you're fishing! The game saves your progress at the end of each day, so you can just log in again and pick up where you left off. Good luck! Press enter to continue.

Not gonna lie, it's pretty fun.


I made this game last July. The reason I choose fishing was mainly because it makes plurals easier - the plural of most types of fish is the same as the singular ;) (This doesn't work for anchovies though... or mythical creatures. Oh well). To make it I did have to learn a little about using classes and objects - I find them really useful now though. My coding's definitely developed a bit since I made this (it's a mess), but I can't really be bothered to make the code any neater (I did a tiny bit). I have edited it a bit since I originally made it to make it ready for the game jam.

To see the original Fishing Game post:

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@AlexEpstein Thank you so much! Well that's the part I struggled with. It's easy to do with IDLE on a computer, just using text files. Then you can write to and access text files within the program. Online like on it's harder. In this version I used the in-built database. It took me quite a while tbh, I first made the simplest version in 2018 which had only a few features. In 2019 I revamped it for the game jam competition. In 2020 I tried to fix the accounts saving system I used in 2019 which broke. And in the past week I've tried to fix the accounts saving system I used in 2020 which also broke lol. All in all I've probably spent about 50 hours working on it. The initial idea didn't take very long to build, but a lot of the subsequent features did!