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Aim Practice! three.js FPS
EpicRaisin (262)

Aim Practice!

You can practice aiming for any FPS here!

This is a project I made with three.js Kind of ambitious for my first three.js porject, but yeah.

Right now the camera is a Doom-style x-axis only camera. I will try to fix this, but until then, I guess you can practice for Doom?

Shooting the green cube 5 times will make it respawn in a new position. Everytime you shoot it, your hit counter goes up. But if you miss and shoot the walls, then the miss counter goes up.

You can also control the size of the cube, so you can practice on bigger objects or work on aiming at a small thing.


WASD - Move
Mouse - Look around
Left Click - Shoot
- Shrink cube
+ Grow cube

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Share your hit/miss counter and cube size in the comments below so we can all see how good at aiming you are!

Note: If you resize the window, you'll need to refresh or re-run the window/repl, so that the canvas can readjust.