◓ Pokemon Go Raid team finder ◓ V1.0


Hello all! I've finally posted again, this time with a Pokemon Go app!

Raid Finder

The app works by showing all the current raids for you to host using your friend code and others to join. It's real-time and unlike other similar apps, you don't have to spam the 'Join' button or pay to get into a raid.


  • Scans all data sent between the client and the server to prevent attacks
  • Updates raids to match Pokemon Go in-game
  • Dark mode & Light mode
  • Better raid system so everyone gets raiding faster
  • Request-Minimum API usage for blazing speeds

Thanks for checking out my post (:

If there's anything you have ideas for, or any bugs/attack potential, hit me up.
I'd appreciate an updoot if you liked it, thanks,

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Ah thanks, that's a better idea @lynnlo